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HRA in the News: Israel, China and Australia

Professor Linda Neuhauser gave the keynote address at Israel's National Health Promotion conference in Jerusalem on November 7. Her presentation, "Participatory Design for Successful Health Promotion," described the value of our Health Research for Action model to co-develop programs with the people who are the intended beneficiaries and the stakeholders who implement them.

There is great interest in Israel to create user-designed health promotion approaches and Professor Neuhauser is advising researchers at Tel Aviv University about strengthening user participation in campaigns to reduce secondhand smoking. She also made a presentation about trends in eHealth communication strategies to promote health.

Earlier this year, she presented the model in Changzhou, China where government officials, health and social service workers, and factory owners are implementing it with workers to improve the health and wellbeing of young people from rural areas who begin work in the new factory zones. She and Professor Leonard Syme are also working with government and hospital leaders in the state of Victoria, Australia to adapt the HRA Parents Guide and California Kit for New Parents as resources for new parents in that state.

November 2012