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Linda Neuhauser Health Literacy News

As Pfizer Visiting Professor in Health Literacy, Linda Neuhauser will consult with an innovative coalition of Missouri organizations and universities. Dr. Neuhauser, a specialist in health communication and health literacy, will help members of the Missouri coalition develop system-wide improvements in patient communications. The coalition nominated Neuhauser through Pfizer's Medical and Academic Partnership program, which supports in-depth, clinically focused exchanges between host organizations and outside scholar-scientists. The coalition includes the schools of public health and medicine at St. Louis University, the Washington University School of Medicine, the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, and other groups. Neuhauser is Co-Principal Investigator at Health Research for Action and Clinical Professor of Community Health and Human Development at UC Berkeley.

Linda Neuhauser Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast

In a Health Literacy Out Loud podcast, Linda Neuhauser discusses HRA's participatory, user-centered approaches for communicating with diverse audiences. Dr. Neuhauser addresses communication challenges for both providers and users of information,and discusses the development of a structured approach to participatory, user-centered design.

Photo of Linda Neuhauser
February 2010