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Right Care Initiative

In 2007, the California Department of Managed Health Care and the Deans of the UC Berkeley and UCLA Schools of Public Health started the Right Care Initiative to improve patient health outcomes by catalyzing adoption of evidence-based practices. This is a metrics-based, public-private partnership that is possible due to the Office of the Patient Advocate's public reporting of performance-based data and generous sponsorships, contracts, grants, and charitable donations in support of the Right Care research team. The Right Care Initiative is a collaboration of government, academia, health plans, medical groups, and patient organizations.

Our current focus is on prevention of heart attacks, strokes, and complications from diabetes, with an emphasis on hypertension, lipid and diabetes blood sugar control. These conditions are some of the most significant drivers of death and disability. Meanwhile, well-documented, yet inconsistently implemented science could prevent much of this unnecessary death and disability. Through periodic meetings, research, quality improvement support, and collaborative action, the Right Care Initiative's statewide goal is to reach "Grade-A" (90th percentile performance) in heart attack, stroke, and diabetes HEDIS control and prevention measures:

  • 76% of patients with hypertension with blood pressure controlled (<140/90)
  • 73% of patients with cardiovascular disease with lipids controlled (LDL-C <100 mg/dL)
  • 71% of patients with diabetes with blood sugar controlled (HbA1c <8)
  • 58% of patients with diabetes with lipids controlled (LDL-C<100 mg/dL)
  • The following fact sheets on Right Care strategies and activities are available to view and download in the PDF at the bottom of this page. Fact sheet development was supported through partnership with the California Office of the Patient Advocate.

    • Right Care Project Brief
    • Health Care Quality Scan and Summary of Evidence-Based Practices
    • Cardio-Protective Medication Bundling Protocols
    • Pharmacists on the Care Team
    • Proactive Patients Improve Clinical Outcomes
    • The Power of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring
    • The University of Best Practices San Diego Colloquium
    • San Diego Demonstration Project Poster

    The Office of the Patient Advocate reports current quality performance measures in the California Health Care Quality Report Card for Medical Groups. (Get medical group data here.)
    Information and presentations from the October 2013 Right Care Initiative Leadership Summit are available at

    Presentations about university best practices and other RCI information are available at DMHC:

    To get the latest information about the Right Care Initiative, go to the the RCI website at

  • Read about results of a Right Care Initiative University of Best Practices. Be There San Diego decreased the odds of heart attack hospitalizations and saved $61 million.

If you have questions about the Right Care Initiative or information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Hattie Hanley by emailing or by calling 510-289-7114 or 916-323-2704.

Donate to UC Berkeley Foundation's Right Care Fund to support the Right Care Initiative’s statewide public-private partnership to improve clinical quality and patient outcomes.

Donate to the UCSD Foundation's Judith and Jack White Right Care San Diego Endowed Fund (4670) to support San Diego’s Right Care-Be There local campaign.

April 2014