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Project Details

Development of a Small Animal Model for Dengue (subcontract)

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Project Summary: 

The objective of this subcontract (response to Task Order 29) is to develop mouse-adapted strains of DENV1 and DENV3 in the AG129 mouse model of DENV infection and disease and to evaluate half of the compounds supplied by NIAID for antiviral efficacy against dengue using our primary lethal disease model and/or our enhanced disease models with the mouse-adapted DENV2 (D2S10), as well as a DENV1 strain that has been mouse-adapted in as part of this task order.

Contact Person: 
Josefina Coloma
Contact Person's Email Address:
Division of Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology
Principal Investigators: 
Bourne PI; Eva Harris (Subcontract PI)
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