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Project Details

Safe Transportation Research and Education Center (SafeTREC)

Photo of accident with car and bike
Project Summary: 

The Safe Transportation Research and Education Center's research goal is to effectively tap UC Berkeley's diverse community of experts in public health, transportation engineering and planning, vision, human factors, technology and other disciplines to execute research projects that address traffic safety issues in California and beyond.

Our research covers the following topics:

    Crash Analysis
    • HSIP (Highway Safety Improvement Plan) Evaluation and Application Tool
    • High Crash (Collision) Concentration Locations (includes HOV Lane Safety Studies)
    • Intersection Safety
    • Railroad Crossings
    • Transportation Injury Mapping System (TIMS)- Geocoded Crash Data
    • UC Berkeley Campus Periphery Project

    Active Transportation

    • Bicycle-Oriented Design
    • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety (Multiple sub-topics)
    • Pedestrian-Bicycle Safety Web Resource
    • Public Transportation

    Land Use and Safety

    • Land Use and Traffic Safety
    • PLANSAFE Beta Testing and User Interface Refinement
    • Transportation Corridors

    Occupant Safety

    • Child Passenger and Child Pedestrian Safety
    • Seat Belt Use

    Transportation Safety Contexts

    • International Traffic Safety
    • Cost-Effectiveness of Traffic Safety Interventions
    • Public Health-Transportation Connection

    Special Groups

    • Latino Traffic Safety
    • Older Drivers
    • Motorcycle Safety
    • Rural Traffic Safety
    • Teenage Drivers
    • Traffic-Related Burdens of Disease for California Population Groups

    Driver Behavior

    • Distracted Driving
    • DUI (Alcohol-Involved) Crashes
    • Sobriety Checkpoints and Seatbelt Checkpoints
    • Speeding


    • Public Health Preparedness
    • Workplace Injuries
Contact Person: 
David Ragland, PhD, MPH, Director
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Principal Investigators: 
David Ragland; Jill Cooper; Tom Rice
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